IC. Pigalop's Bomb Bastic     

blacktabby bicolor - chocolate carrier

% BIS-Winner Kitten %


Dame: SC. Pigalop's Bella Bellissima   x   Sire: CH. Pigalop's Optimus Prime JW



      SE*Grinchen's C-3PO     

redtabby bicolor boy - chocolate carrier


Dame: Tiny Toes Blessing   x   Sire: Bruce Will Katbor-Kis



      CH. Pigalop's Optimus Prime JW     

bluetabby bicolour male - chocolate carrier

Co-owned and living with Nymann's Cattery

% BIS-Winner Kitten %

% Junior Winner %

% KATTEKLUBBEN (CLUB) TOPCAT 1 Junior All Breeds 2013 %

% Felis Danica TOPCAT 3 Junior All Breeds 2013 %



Dame: IC. Jurian's Celeste of Pigalop JW   x   Sire: GIC. Tango De Sierra Segura-E


      IP. GIC. Pigalop's Obelix     

cream bicolour male - neutered

% BIS-Winner Kitten %

% Multible BIS-Winner %

% KATTEKLUBBEN (CLUB) TOPCAT 6 Adult Male All Breeds 2011 %


Dame: CH. Kramkatten's Little Sunshine   x   Sire: IC. Hyggebo's Baby Bon